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Universal Postal’s warehousing allows us to offer our customers greater speed, efficiency and flexibility for their supply chains. Our network of warehouses, adding up to millions of square meters around the globe, means that we can offer a broad range of services with door-to-door cargo integrity.

Many of our warehouses can provide comprehensive pick / pack, de-stuff / palatalize, bulk stack and storage services and facilities. As a result, Universe Cargo will not only transport your goods quickly and safely, but we can also help play a key coordinating role in your distribution network. You get to release your goods when and how you desire.

Our available facilities also allow us to ensure the smooth transition of your cargo through every phase of the transport cycle. This is combined with our outstanding levels of customer service and our tailor-made, flexible solutions.

Even in countries where Universal Postal doesn’t have its own warehousing facilities, we are still able to offer unrivaled expert guidance on finding / arranging cargo storage solutions.

In addition to our many operational benefits, using Universal Postal’s warehousing services will also save you money in terms of:

  • Reduced inventory.
  • Lower container storage costs.
  • Lower demur rage bills.

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